Managed Cyber Security

Gain assurance that your business is continuously safeguarded against cyber threats with around-the-clock proactive monitoring through a Managed Cyber Security service, offering comprehensive insight into your attack surface.

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What is Managed Cyber Security, and how can it provide advantages to businesses?

As the spectrum of threats widens, an effective cyber security posture is an important strategy for detecting and responding to threats through capabilities of SIEM, MDR, EDR, XDR and other security solutions.

LUNIQ’s managed cyber security service leverages leading technologies to ensure full visibility, enabling the collection, correlation, and centralisation of data from network, endpoint, and cloud workloads across your entire attack surface, thus enhancing the protection of your business.

By 2026, Gartner predicts that organizations prioritizing their security investments based on a CTEM program will realize a two-thirds reduction in breaches. Security leaders must continuously monitor hybrid digital environments to enable early identification and optimal prioritization of vulnerabilities to help maintain a hardened organizational attack surface.

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Managed Security Capabilities

Fully managed 24/7 UK based Cybersecurity

Remote Monitoring & Management

Our service offers fast, automated patch management and monitoring for a wide range of operating systems including Windows, macOS, Linux, and iOS, alongside attended and unattended support, quick file transfers, and live chat for comprehensive device maintenance.

Managed Detection & Response

Managed EDR offers 24/7 network monitoring, cybersecurity analysis, and threat mitigation, reducing operational burdens and alert fatigue with expert threat interpretation, and boosting business growth by adding advanced security services without extra staffing.

Email Protection

Our email protection offers AI-driven security with near-perfect filtering accuracy, ensuring continuous uptime and compliance through email archiving, phishing, and malware defense. Integrated with Microsoft 365, it features encrypted archiving, a secure portal for sensitive emails, and machine learning for enhanced threat protection.

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security provides real-time threat detection, remediation, and proactive threat hunting to minimise risks and ensuring proactive cybersecurity across any number of endpoints.

DNS Filtering

DNS Filtering provides enhanced online security for users on any device and in any location, leveraging real-time intelligence to safeguard remote workers and halt cyberthreats. DNS Filtering uses global data centres, AI for domain categorization, and anti-phishing to robustly protect against evolving cyberthreats.

Microsoft Office 365 Backup

Our Microsoft O365 Backup safeguards your Microsoft data, including Exchange, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, with up to six backups daily. We ensure data recoverability and retention for up to seven years with cloud storage in regional data centers. Other backup solutions for physical servers, laptops and virtual machines also available.

LUNIQ’s Managed Cyber Security Service

Cyberattacks are on the rise each month, making it a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if,’ your business will face an attempted attack. As attacks become more frequent and complex, managing the overwhelming number of false positives generated by threat detection tools can become a challenge.

This assumes you have the necessary in-house expertise and resources to respond to advanced threats.

Without the proper tools and security knowledge, can you confidently say your organization is secure?

Maximising Cyber Security with LUNIQ's Advanced Security Solutions

The Managed XDR service provided by LUNIQ integrates machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics with the expertise of highly trained security analysts.

We aim to enhance your business’s cybersecurity measures and strengthen your security posture significantly.

By leveraging leading security technologies from industry leaders like Microsoft, Bitdefender, and Sentinel One, we deliver authentic Managed Extended Detection and Response services, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Our team conducts round-the-clock monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure, 365 days a year, to identify and react to any malicious activities or threats immediately, regardless of the time.

This approach ensures the highest level of security protection for your business.

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