Introducing the NVIDIA L40S

The Most Powerful Universal GPU

Unparalleled AI and graphics performance for the data centre.

Powerful Multi-Workload Acceleration

Accelerating AI & Graphics for Diverse Use Cases

& Inference

Breakthrough inference performance
for AI-enabled graphics, video, and image generation

& 3D Graphics

Tackle high-fidelity creative workflows with 3rd-Gen RTX, DLSS 3 and 48GB
of GPU memory


High performance and powerful virtual workstation graphics with 3rd Gen RTX, Real-time ray and batch path tracing

AI Training
& Data Science

Accelerate AI training and inference workloads with 4th Gen Tensor Cores, Transformer Engine and FP8 support.

L40S VS A100



FP32 91.6 teraFLOPS
TF32 Tensor Core 366 teraFLOPS*
FP16 733 teraFLOPS*
FP8 1,466 teraFLOPS*
RT Core Performance 212 teraFLOPS
Max Power Consumption 350W

*With Sparsity

Utilise the NVIDIA L40S

Key Features

Tensor Cores

Provides out of-the-box performance gains for faster AI and data science model training.

RT Cores

Accelerating renders for product design and architecture, engineering, and construction workflows


Dramatically accelerates AI performance and improves memory utilisation for both training and inference.

& Security

Optimised for 24/7 enterprise data centre operations… features secure boot with root of trust technology,

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