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Digital Twin environments use real-world data to simulate physical technologies in the digital space. We provide industry-leading defence clients with replicas of solutions deployed in the remotest places.

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A Digital Twin is a virtual replica of a physical object, system, or process that represents its real-world counterpart in the digital space.

By integrating real-time data, advanced modelling, and simulation, Digital Twins allow for the analysis, prediction, and optimization of a system’s performance. This technology enables businesses and engineers to test, monitor, and troubleshoot various scenarios in a virtual environment, which can help identify potential issues, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs.

Digital Twins are increasingly used across a range of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and energy, to improve decision-making and drive innovation.

We work with companies to create and deploy Digital Twin systems for their most important projects.

At LUNIQ, we specialize in developing Digital Twin platforms that allow engineers to test prototypes in a virtual environment. By utilizing Digital Twin environments, we ensure that every aspect of the physical system is accurately simulated, allowing for reliable testing and prediction. Our Digital Twin platforms are fully bespoke, and tailored to meet the unique needs and requirements of each of our clients.

Why Choose Digital Twin Solutions?

Digital Twins increase reliability, reduce risk and product issues, and accelerate time to market.

Digital Product R&D

Digital Twins allow you to understand the performance characteristics of your physical systems and identify and rectify any potential problems before they reach a production environment.

Iterative Scenarios at Pace

Digital Twin experimentation allows you to add as much simulated data as you need to investigate the desired factors. Build data in layers as your prototype gets closer to a production-ready model for granular understanding.

Simultaneous Experimentation

Spin up multiple versions of the same product in virtual environments. Adjust parameters to test your products in multiple different scenarios, or run A/B test simulations for features and adjustments.

Cost-effective Testing

Virtual replication for prototyping, testing, and analysis of materials, systems, and environments, reducing physical prototypes and enabling rapid simulation of extended timeframes for stress-testing core components.

Case Study

Delivering Digital Twin Technology for BAE Systems

LUNIQ provides BAE Systems Naval Combat Ships with the latest Digital Twin development platforms to support the Royal Navy surface fleet.

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