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Enhance your business’s network performance with LUNIQ’s Network Assessments, offering comprehensive evaluations and actionable recommendations for network improvement across various UK industry sectors.

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What is a Network Assessment?

Network assessments typically include a thorough review of network topology, devices, applications, and security protocols. The results of a network assessment can provide valuable insights into the health of an organisation’s network and inform decisions about upgrades, maintenance, and security measures.

LUNIQ’s Network Assessments ensure that your network meets industry best practices and stays up to date with the latest technology. Our cost-effective and minimally disruptive assessments cater to businesses of all sizes within various UK industry sectors, providing better control over your system.

Unlock the full potential of your Network

At LUNIQ, our Network Assessments are designed to provide comprehensive insights into your IT network infrastructure, including security, performance, and scalability. Our experienced team will work closely with your organisation to identify any potential vulnerabilities and areas for improvement.

Our qualified professionals carry out a thorough network audit, covering various crucial aspects of your network. This includes analysing configuration files, routing tables, live network telemetry, network architecture resilience, device health, documentation updates, and compliance management.

Clear insights for your IT infrastructure

Improve performance, increase efficiency, and strengthen security across your computer network.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our network assessment covers all key aspects of your network, identifying successes and areas for improvement.

Minimal Disruption

In many cases, we can conduct network assessments remotely, reducing downtime and inconvenience for your business.

Actionable Recommendations

Following the assessment, we provide a detailed report outlining the findings, including the severity of each issue and strategies for improvement.

Ongoing Support

LUNIQ’s expert team is committed to helping you resolve any network issues identified during the assessment, ensuring your network stays up to date and performs at its best.

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